About NC

Started: August, 2011.

My Philosophy (on neuroscience): I do not think that cognitive functions of the brain (and/or mind) can be solely localized to a particular area (modular zone).  I think of these cognitive functions as more of a distributed, interactive neural network.

This NeuroBlog is first and foremost dedicated to circuitry, all the way from a small cluster of connections in a small brain area to wide-spread circuitry between several brain areas (local, regional, and functional connectivity).  Second, there is usually an underlying tone that relates to a systems-level approach.

Postings will most likely be in a review-esque fashion.  This is really meant to be an information resource.  I hope to get more opinion pieces in there sometime.

Posts are usually what I am currently researching, interested in, or what I have previously done research on at one time.  I also want to build a community of professionals and others interested in neuroscience and/or psychology (philosophy of mind, too!).

The blog, in general, helps everything (the information) stay fresh in my mind.  It's really for my benefit alone!

@NeuralConn on twitter.

Enjoy and be sure to leave any comments/arguments/clarifications!


  1. HI. I would like to use a section of your excellent post, accompanied by a URl to your post - Septo-Hippocampal System - Gray & McNaughton – a post on Neural Connections , August 11, 2011. I want to use it in a THORT Cheat Sheet to guide Neurocoaching. In it I'm integrating McNaughton's definitions of stress and generalized worrying with Graeff's Defensive levels in Approach/Avoid reactions. I hope this meets with your approval. And thanks for being a voice of clarity in this difficult arena.