August 11, 2011

The start.

I've always wanted to create a neuroscience blog that focuses around what I think of a particular study, theory, or what is going on with a certain phenomenon.  After writing a post on Google+ and just writing for my own sake, I thought I would try a somewhat formal platform and see where it goes.  It can't hurt, right?

Hopefully, after some time, I'll have a better design up and possibly a URL.

I hope the general theme of this blog will be more geared towards the hippocampus and surrounding cortical regions that work together with it (hence the title, 'Neural Connections').  However, I know that sometimes it might get diverted into general neuroscience, philosophy of the mind, etc., which is fine (and fun).

I hope this is a resources for professionals and individuals with an interest in the sciences, and especially neuroscience and/or psychology.  I also hope to garner a sort of science community where thoughts/ideas/facts can be shared on a local forum.  I think science should be more community based, and, because of this, I think some interesting ideas can emerge from this experiment. 

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